CA | ULO – Cold Storage

CA (Control Atmosphere) |
ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) COLD STORAGE

Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage is an advance type of storage system, in which oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are controlled in the chambers as per requirement of product. Ultra-low Oxygen(ULO) storage is a next level of storage advantage by lowering of oxygen level in the CA system.

This type of cold storage provides Monitoring controls like; temperature, Relative humidity (Rh) and Gas controls, mainly by reduction of oxygen levels to less than 0.5%, it can be achieved by the use of gas tight doors and good sealant techniques to cover the minor gaps between the joints, floorings and walls.

The temperature maintained in this cold storage ranges between -1°C to +5°C and along with controlled atmosphere contents like levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The usual storage period for products in this cold storage is between 5 to 8 months. The capacity of this cold storage ranges between 50 MT (Metric Tons) to 250 MT (Metric Tons).


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